6 months ago

i have a 2.0 gpa in junior year

what can i do to raise a 2.0 to a 3.0 at least. im gonna start doing a lot of volunteering and a sport but im just not interested in clubs.im not taking any ib or ap classes but im doing good in all my classes now. i dont want to go to a community college thats just not what im looking forward to . sophomore year i was lazy and didnt realize how bad my grades were. us there anything i can do to avoid community college also i dont care about the college i go to i just wanna make it to a decent college and not be a failure.

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6 months ago

I know you are trying to avoid attending community college after high school, but sometimes a wise option is to take some community college classes IN high school so you can raise that GPA and prove to colleges that you can handle college level work. Community college is nothing to be ashamed of; many students take a semester or 2 of community college and then transfer into a better university- hard to believe, but transfer students have MUCH less requirements than first-year students b/c they have, once again, proved they can handle college. True, community college environments are not always fun or friendly but you can take online courses and then have a job at the same time.

With all due respect, I am not saying you will have to attend community college, but I so believe that community college can make all the difference in your acceptance possiblities. There are also trade schools and technical schools which can have acceptence systems similar to cc's.

While many 4-year universities have higher GPA requirements, there are some that may consider applicants with lower GPAs, especially if they have other strengths in their applications. Keep in mind that admission to these schools can still be competitive, and having a lower GPA might make it more difficult to secure a spot. However, some potential options include:

Western Kentucky University

University of Maine at Presque Isle

University of Pikeville

New Mexico Highlands University

University of Montana Western

Note: AP, honors, and DE classes can raise your GPA, so you may want to consider taking a couple your senior year. But I agree with @hellotherefriend; if you find yourself struggling anywhere from here on, get some help! It can make all the difference.

Hope this helps! Happy to answer anymore questions you may have.


6 months ago

I will probably talk to my school counselor and ask for extra help in subjects that I am struggling in. You got this. :)


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