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extracurriculurs and award list

our school does not give much awards or much extracurriculur oppurtunities. What to do

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5 months ago

As far as ECs, hobbies can become ECs when you take them to another level. I became interested in gardening when I was in middle school and by hs, I was growing at least hundred plants (last year over 200) yearly without chemicals and now taking certificate-level floral design. Earned several credits of horticulture and agriculture independent study. I am homeschooled, so I have to seek out ECs through online classes and competitions (finalist in National Academic Homeschool Competition. Also involved with things at churches, like volleyball and youth group. Depending on the school, you can start clubs (leadership is important).

Sorry if my sentences are a bit scattered... trying to type out all my thoughts before I forget any :) If you have any questions, lmk.


5 months ago

honestly, online service opportunities can be SOOO beneficial. you can cater to your interests or what you're interesting in majoring in. many nonprofits have opportunities for online leadership positions which look fantastic to colleges and on top of it you can get service hours for it, which also tend to impress colleges. i've been the director of marketing for a nonprofit since my freshman year. it's been completely online and it's a unique qualifications that many other students won't have. if you're interested in looking into some opportunities, college vine has a really good list, here's the link: blog.collegevine.com/online-community-service-for-high-schoolers


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