5 months ago

I have 3.8 unweighted gpa and some extracurriculars. How can i improve my profile?

I'm currently in 11th grade and have a 3.8 GPA, and by the end of this year, I could raise my GPA to 4.0. I have a SAT score of 1340.

My school offers no honors or AP classes, so we don't have a weighted GPA. In addition, we have very limited extracurriculars provided to us. I am still trying to figure out what to do next and would like a second opinion on my profile. My extracurriculars are as follows:

-I play badminton for fun.

-I was the lead performer for our school play.

-Created a robotic dog for the school's robotics fair.

-I organized a nationwide program in India in collaboration with CBSE and global participation from Google Cloud, the UN, NASA, etc.

-I have a leadership role as a media coordinator in my school's environmental club, the Prakriti Club, organizing various audits throughout the state and making our school the best at doing so.

-I participated in the school MUN, representing two countries, Japan and Sweden, for the Security Council and the International Security Committee of the General Assembly.

-I participated in the Lifology Youth Ambassador Program, a year-long internship with the Lifology Foundation. I initiated different career counseling programs in southern India and the UAE schools.

-Secured a third-place victory in my school's Hindi Read Aloud competition.

-Done different courses with UNESCO MGEIP, embracing knowledge of environmental sustainability and the upcoming job crisis.

Increase my sat score
Focus on extracurriculars
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5 months ago

SAT isn't the most important factor but if you can devote just a little bit of time each week to self study you can easily improve your score, but for your overall application your extra-curricular's are more important

🎤5 months ago

So is it essential that I improve both, or should my extracurriculars be enough, and should I improve my sat score?

5 months ago

I would it's not essential to raise SAt but if you have extra time you can study for it. You can look this up I'm not entirely sure about this but I heard that SAT may become required again. As for EC's yes focus on those


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