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SAT Worries

I don't think I can make it to any colleges. I have always been bad at math, especially because I wouldn't say I like it. My PSAT scores have never been over 1000, the lowest 960 and the highest 980. My Verbal has always stayed the same, 500 while my math scores keep dropping by 10 points each year. I hear about how every other person in my grade has done so well while I look at myself wondering why I'm not good enough, why I'm not like others. I feel like am slow and I wouldn't make it anywhere even with my stats.

I played as a JV lacrosse player (award), a JV tennis player (award, possibly varsity next year), and am in a STEM academy, as well as AVID. I have been in the same club for about 3 years now, nothing more than a helper. I'm in a knitting club, as well as a French club for the first time. I take care of my brothers a lot at home, even after practices ending at 5 and walking back home which takes 10-15 minutes. I cook most of the time, then I do my homework if exhaustion doesn't overtake me. I've been in more than 4 Honors classes so far, and 1 AP class this year. I plan to take another next year and join the Band as well. I've made the High Honor Roll at least 3 times since Freshman year, but more Honor Rolls. I volunteer at Church sometimes but haven't done anything spectacular in my life. What can I do to help myself be better?

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First of all, have grace for yourself! You have a lot of home responsibilities, and it is natural to become tired and overwhelmed. Second, keep doing your best. If math is a huge struggle for you, lots of schools have volunteer peer tutoring and if you have the time, it may be helpful. Also, SATs are not the only way to college- many schools are test-optional. If it doesn't work for you, then save yourself the stress of standardized tests.

And don't be ashamed of yourself. As long as you are doing your very best, there is no shame in that. Just b/c you stuggle with PSAT/SAT doesn't make you a failure- the tests are made to confuse students! I will say, though, that the digital SAT may work better for you. It has a built in Desmos calculator. Once you know the secrets of the calculator, it can solve over 90% of the problems (look up Method Learning on Youtube and watch their Desmos series- I increased over 100 points in my practice DSAT math section!) Also, the reading passages will be shorter. Much of the new design is to the student's advantage.

But still, if it doesn't not work for you, test-optional is a wise choice.

I will honestly tell you that I advise you not to expect to get into Ivies or super competitive schools. BUT remember- Ivies are never the only route to success. You need to find the college that will personally best suit you and prepare you for your career. Of course, there are many careers that do not require college or can be learned at technical schools. It all depends on what you are interested in as a career. For myself, I choose a university with GPA and score stats well below my own b/c I will benefit from their practical training for horticulture careers. I am not going to be academically challenged; I am going to work with my hands and experience horticulture in the real world. There is no shame in going to a lesser known college or even community college as long as you are doing what is best for you. I have heard of a lot of people starting at a community college their first year and then transferring into a university successfully the next year. There are less requirements for transfer students vs first year b/c you have already proved your ability to handle college. The university I am looking at (Delaware Valley University) is one of the most transfer friendly schools- they guarantee transferees scholarship money if their GPA is over 3.5! So there are lots of options and no wrong route as long as you keep your career goals in mind.

My advice is to just keep going. Have patience for yourself, do your best, and get help when you need it if it's at all possible. I understand you are in a difficult situation and know I am here if you need any more advice/answers.

Sorry if this is a ramble of thoughts...just trying to offer as much info as I have. Hope it helps! You've got this, @Enny15!


6 months ago

Most colleges for us juniors (class of 2025) accept test optional, so don't worry about your standardized test scores and your psat. I'd suggest not adding more ECs and just devoting more of your time and attention to the ones you're already in. Colleges mostly look for passion towards ECs than place holders. You've got this!


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