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College or Enjoyable Classes?

Hi all! I'm currently a Junior and my midterms are next week, and the following week course registration opens for my Senior year. As of right now, my courseload is 8 honors, 4 APs, and 4 dual enrollment.

For college classes, I already plan on taking AP Lit, AP Psych, AP Spanish, and ECE American Music and Diversity (taken through UConn). I'm also aiming to take Pre-Calc honors (I could NEVER do AP).

However, I still need a minimum of 1.5 credits to have a schedule the school will allow. I was initially planning on filling these credits with classes I would like to take but wouldn't necessarily improve my application, such as Marine Biology and Gender and Sexuality in Media. Classes such as these are considered academic-level, but honors contracts are available.

With this current "set-up", I'll graduate with 9 honors, 7 AP, and 6 dual enrollment (I take college classes over the summer). However, I could bring this up to more AP and dual enrollment if I so wish.

So my question is, should I take more college classes to improve my application, or take the classes I want with an honors contract? For reference, I want to apply to top universities such as NYU and BU.


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9 honors, 7 AP and 6 dual enrollment? That's already a lot on your transcript! Colleges also love to see you follow your passions and maintain consistency, which sometimes means not loading your year up with all the APs possible. And it could also help with your own wellbeing! What you already have is a good setup for NYU and BU. Don't ditch all the APs next year-- maintain a bit of consistency because colleges love to see that. Hope this helps!


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