4 months ago

No extracurriculars/GPA lowered

I have two questions for this amazing community.

#1. As is often asked in this online community, I have extracurricular troubles. All I have for extracurriculars is:

My hobbies

The time I volunteered a couple times

I entered some art contests (I won second place a couple years ago)

I plan on getting a part-time job this summer and I've also applied to a Pre-College program, though I may not be accepted on either of those options. I need options that doesn't involve me much paying money. I don't have many options because of either my strengths (or lack thereof) or my location and current lifestyle.

#2. I took two dual enrollment classes last semester, and am taking three more right now. However, I got a B in one of those classes and it lowered my GPA from a 4.00 to a (weighted) 3.9, (unweighted) 3.75 I think. Now I'm panicking over the fact that I'm depending 100% on my GPA and my academics to get me into college, especially since I might not be able to take the SAT or ACT. I was looking into AP's, but I'm homeschooled and there doesn't seem to be online options. What should I do? This is another reason I wanted to get more extracurriculars under my belt, to compensate for the lowered GPA. Also, I apply to my top two college choices at the end of this upcoming summer, which doesn't give me much time.

What do I do? How should I keep my GPA from going even further down? Is there online AP options? What extracurriculars should I look into?

Thanks for reading all of that. :)

And thank you in advance to those who will answer.

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4 months ago

For extracurriculars I would try to find programs in your community that could be fun and also look good for colleges. Some things I do are volunteer at my local animal shelter, or try to find clubs outside of school to participate in. One of those I am in is called Interact, and it's basically a rotary club for high schoolers. It's different for every town and club, but for me Interact means meeting up at a coffee shop around town, and brainstorming volunteering opportunities for the club to help with. If you're able to do that, that would look good on college apps for helping the community and shows your dedication too Good luck!


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