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Good??? Grades and Terrible PSAT Score, Bad IGCSE Scores Freshman Year will I get into college???

I am a junior, who was living abroad during my freshman year of HS and was in IGCSE courses, out of the 6 (core) classes I took I failed 3, the other 3 extracurriculars I took I passed. (It was a rough year the school environment alone could be sad college essay material) Sophomore year I came to America and I got B's in both Honors History and English. The rest of my grades were not as good, Math: D Language:C. My extracurriculars both got A's though! My unweighted GPA currently is 2.78 (yikes ik) and Weighted that's 3.0, I have TERRIBLE PSAT SCORES 890. Im an afterschool volunteer at a primary school, and im in 2 AP classes that I have A's in currently, and I am failing no classes. I want to get into an Arts college so I know grades do not matter as much, but im still worried.

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I really recommend a semester or two of community college after high school. I know cc is often a last resort BUT there are many reasons why it is often a wise choice for students with low GPA. The biggest one is that transfer students have less requirements than 1st-year students because you've already proved you can handle college! Other reasons are saving money, learning how to do well in college level courses, getting some gen ed credits, and cc's have a lot of tutoring support.

While you are still in hs, I recommend getting help with classes the moment you begin to see grades lower. Taking action early and finding a tutor can change everything. I also recommend applying anywhere test-optional and skipping the SAT/ACT completely so you can focus on current classes.

Hope this helps and if you have any more questions, LMK! You can do this!

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