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How do you guys approach summer program applications?

Hi all,

I'm a junior applying for a myriad of precollegiate summer programs and internships, all of which typically open mid January and close February-March. Some of these programs require recommendation letters from teachers, a resume, and a grade transcript. How are you all managing the timing of when to ask teachers for letters, making a resume, and requesting a transcript from counselors all before the deadlines? Any insight would be appreciated.

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Hi! I’m also working on applying to some summer programs, and I would recommend asking your teachers for letters of recommendation as soon possible, because they’ll need some time to write them for you. This is your first priority. Once you find teachers that agree to write a recommendation letter for you, you will likely add their email address to your application and they will receive an email to submit their letter. For a lot of the programs I’m applying to, it’ll allow you to just save and close your application and the email will send, so it wouldn’t require you to finish your application for the email to be sent to your teacher.

If you already have activities/achievements for your resume, it probably won’t take too long to make your resume, but if you’re trying to do more activities/make more achievements to add to it, then get to work so you have enough time. Giving your resume to your teachers will also be a good idea, since it will give them more to write about in their recommendation letters. Just make sure you give it to them sooner so they won’t have to start their letter over. Even if you don’t have your entire resume done, you can just let your teacher know about some of the activities your involved in or anything else you’re including in your application that can help them write a stronger letter.

As for getting your transcript, it should be pretty easy. You can email your counselor or stop by their office to ask them for it. Check your applications’ requirements to see how you need to get your transcript to them and let your counselor know what they need to do. Since it’s pretty easy, I would just get it out of the way sooner.

Good luck with your applications!


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I would plan out and map a general schedule to meet deadlines. This worked pretty well for me and helped me feel less overwhelmed. A map of when applications open and end and an order to apply in also helps. I just made an excel spreadsheet for that. I would also try to ask teachers you're closer with for recommendations (core classes are best) and set it so they have as much time to get back as you can (things happen and it's a busy time of the year).


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