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I'm a junior and this year has sucked so far. My grades have been slipping, I'm not failing but one class which is civics with an F. We took a practice PSAT test at the beginning of the year and I got a 760 ( yikes ik) but I just need some tips cause I'm missing class because I can't get to school on time (7:00 am - 3:01 pm) I usually get to school around 9 am ( I wake up late and it takes me 45mins - 1hour to get t school) but so far I'm hating my junior year 😀.

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Obviosuly go to be at a good time. since you have to get up early I would say sleep at 9 PM. Get an alarm or a parent to wake you up. See if you get get your first hour to be off so you have more time. and then ofc just get you grades up slowly and ask for help when you need it


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Hi! I am a junior too but homeschooled which means I have to be very self motivated and disciplined. Hope my tips help you!

1. Go to bed at a good time.

I recommend forcing yourself to go to bed before 11. Your body needs ample sleep as a young growing person with a high metabolism. This also means that you need to develop good before bed habits—like staying off digital screens after 9:30/10. Be firm with yourself. You really need this sleep so don’t deprive yourself of it.

2. Alarms

Choose a more startling/noticeable alarm that will actually wake you. Set it at least 15 minutes earlier than the time you really need to be up by. Instead of completely shutting it off, only allow yourself to hit snooze, at max. 3 times (assuming the snooze setting is every 5 minutes).

3. Breakfast

NEVER skip breakfast if you can help it. Way too many teens skip it thinking it is unnecessary but it is. You need the energy and calories as well as the incentive to get up. Don’t have time to make breakfast? Try breakfast bars, cereal, or instant oatmeal and drink juices or milk with it. This will help you stay awake and focused at school.

4. Leave with extra time

Always leave for school early; you never know when delays will happen on the road or elsewhere (traffic, accidents, closed road…) In fact, it is a good idea to leave wiggle room in all areas of your morning schedule,

5. Get help with low grades

Don’t wait until you are failing—get help right away. Some schools have peer tutoring systems you could try. Or you can ask a classmate, friend, or find help online. Take low grades seriously and get help! It is so important.

6. Balance

Make sure you have time for things you enjoy so school doesn’t suck. Clubs, hanging out with friends, and social activities—these are important. If you develop good student habits, you will get the homework out of the way and have time for fun! Use these things as incentives and goals (“If I complete this assignment, I can respond to that text conversation.” “If I finish the homework earlier, I can spend the afternoon with a friend.”)

7. Test-optional

I recommend applying to test-optional schools. Your PSAT scores indicate that SATs may not be great for you, so no need to stress yourself out when opting out is totally available.

8. Have a bigger goal.

High school isn’t the end of your life—there are other things ahead of you. Start thinking about what you want to do after high school. Choose something you love and can work towards as a bigger goal. For myself, I can’t wait to learn more about horticulture in college and all the job opportunities ahead. So I study knowing that I am laying the foundation for what I want to do next. It’s ok if you don’t know what’s next, but start thinking about it and know that what you do now affects your future.

If you have any more questions, lmk! Happy to help :) You can do this!


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