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Medicine or World Studies

I’ve been trying to choose between becoming a pharmacist or an epidemiologist for a few years now, but lately I’ve wanted to do something besides medicine. I’ve always known I wanted to help people, but know I want to know them and study their languages and cultures. I think I would be happier with global studies, but I’m good at medicine and I would help a lot of people. I mean I got selected for The Congress of Future Medical Leaders Award of Excellence, which shows I’m good and other people know it, but I’m just scared of not enjoying what I do. And I feel if I go for global studies that I’m being selfish and letting everyone down. I just need some advice.

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Think about it carefully. Don't make the decision on the fly but also know that it's ok to change your mind, your major, and even your college. Transferring is always an option though not always a fun process.

First, I want to say that both careers help people. I will also say that the award you received is not totally unrelated to global studies; people all over the world work with medicine and being a global leader with that knowledge may be very unique! Who knows, maybe there is a way to combine both working with medicine and working internationally.

However, like you said, it is important to choose something you genuinely enjoy. I hear you; a lot of people expected you to get into medicine. But honestly telling them that you're not happy with that career and could see yourself enjoying global studies more, they should be able to accept that even if it takes time.

In the end, I highly encourage you to choose something you love! If you cannot picture yourself enjoying careers in that realm the rest of your life, then it is probably not the way to go. Research both careers extensively. Which excites you more? Which do you find more interesting? When you know, you'll KNOW :) I sure did. I found the career and honestly I am so excited I cannot wait for hs to end and college to begin!!

Hope this helps. If you have any more questions or need more advice, lmk. Happy to help :)

Ps. I wrote an article on choosing the perfect major you may appreciate: collegevine.com/questions/50362/choosing-the-perfect-major-please-comment


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