3 months ago

Career/Major Choices - Poli Sci or Med??

I've seen multiple posts about this (especially in the Junior community) and was hoping I could get some input. Schedule forms for senior year are due this week, but I only have 5 out of 8 classes chosen.

I have thought for a while that I wanted to study poli sci, but now I'm not sure as a lot of people have discouraged me from it since it doesn't send you on a "specific" career path, but I like the fact that it is broad since I'm indecisive. I have always been inclined to leadership positions. Another possible route is nursing, but again everyone tells me I am "too smart" for it, although I think I would do well in the fast-paced, high-stress environment. I've also been told that business is too generic/common and a waste of money. My parents want me to study engineering, but I'm taking calculus right now and I don't enjoy the subject. I'm also a super people person and don't think the environment would be a good fit. So basically my options are

(A) Poli Sci, then maybe law school?

(B) Med school/nursing?

(C) Business/business administration?

If I do poli sci or business I will take AP Macroeconomics, AP Psych, and another.

If I do the medical route I will take Bio 2 and AP Bio and either Human Anatomy or an internship.

Should I just try to take Gen Eds and not worry about taking classes relative to a major? I can't decide what is more valuable. Thanks for reading and any advice will be appreciated, whether about a specific major or class choice!! Sorry if this is long to read.

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3 months ago

You can't choose a major if you do not know what you want to do, do not worry about the major. Since poli sci was your decision before you were discouraged, I would say mix your classes, Take AP mac and AP psych and on pf the bio classes. You will know which one you like more as the year goes on. Maybe you might know what career you want to pursue.

3 months ago

I personally would not worry about deciding a specific major until you feel more set on what you want to do. Also I would not worry about what anyone else has to say about, your possible career choices, you should do what you feel like is the best path for you. Now about classes, I would do a mix of both if possible to get a feel for both topics and see how you like them. I would suggest taking Macroeconomics, Bio 2 and AP Bio. With these classes, you can see what you are more drawn to and allow you to pick the major that fits you the best!

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