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What are the best classes for me to take as a senior - classes that are appealing to colleges or ones that interest me?

Hello! I'm currently in the process of registering for next year's classes, where I'll be a senior, and I'm having trouble deciding what classes I should take! There are courses available that interest me, but if I take them, it'll be at the expense of not getting to take an AP-course or having an extremely packed schedule. I have high aspirations for college, and I'm enrolled in all AP's this semester (AP Lang, AP Pre-Calc, APUSH), plus Agricultural Biotechnology through the North Carolina School of Science and Math online, but I'm struggling A TON mentally due to the rigor and workload! I don't know if I should push through and take the hard, appealing classes, take classes that I'll enjoy and leave me in a good mental state, or, again, push through and try to do both! I can take up to 8 classes, and will be taking easy online courses or leaving a free-period if I don't fill my schedule, which is preferable to me! Here are the classes I'm debating, as well as a little background!

Deciding between AP Lit and Creative Writing

- I love English, particularly writing! I'd LOVE to take creative writing, but since English is

one of my strong suits, perhaps I should take AP Lit. I'm currently taking AP Lang and

doing well in the course, but I don't love my teacher (I'd have the same one next year),

and Lit is a year-long in-person course. However, it's an AP, so it's appealing to colleges.

I can take both, but it'd up my workload exponentially and I'd have a prolonged school


Deciding between Bible History and AP World History

- I've taken Bible History 1 this past year, and it was my favorite class - minimal work,

interesting, helped me gain a better understanding of my religion, and incredible teacher!

I'd love to take another Bible course, but I haven't taken AP World. It's a yearlong in-

person course, whereas Bible is a semester, and I generally dislike history! I'm taking

APUSH right now and have taken AP GOPO - I'm fairly good at them, but I don't enjoy

them. I can do both Bible and World, but again, I don't think I want to do that because of

how packed my schedule will have to be considering I'd already be taking an AP!

-- I will also be taking AP Statistics (year-long, in-person), AP Environmental Science (semester-long, in-person), Anatomy Honors (semester-long, not sure of status), and a (rigorous!) online class each semester through the North Carolina School of Science and Math next year (this doesn't count for my home high-school, so it doesn't contribute to my 8-class cap) --

I'm sorry this is so long! If you've made it to here, thank you SO much for reading, and thank you for your help! Sending lots of love your way! <3

p.s. - I'm also open to just dropping out of high school :DD #thisisnotfun

Take all of the classes - the ones you like and the AP's!
Take only the classes you like; no AP's
Take AP Lit and Bible History
Take AP World and Creative Writing
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Bible classes are awesome! 😊

Personally, my recommendation is to take the classes you enjoy! Senior year is full of lasts and you want to enjoy it. However, I do not know what kind of universities you are aiming for and taking less AP’s senior year can look “lazy” to them. (believe me, it’s really not, but unfortunately, that’s what they assume)

Also, I noticed that you said you were mentally struggling this semester. By all means, do not repeat that next year when you are also stressed with college applications! This means you should adjust your courseload and/or simply bettering your study/time management habits.

Another option is that the Bible and Creative Writing classes are both 1 semester, so you could take a 15-week community college the next semester. DE classes (dual enrollment) are still considered advanced. I am actually taking many DE classes because I cannot take AP (homeschool student). This may be a great way to balance course rigor and what you really love.

Also, taking classes like Creative Writing that are in your area of interest/possible major shows interest and passion for the topic. If you are headed for a career in writing, then taking writing classes demonstrates that interest on your application.

To boil it down, my personal opinion is that you should enjoy your senior year! However, please, please consider what schools you are aiming for and what they want to see. Hope this helps and lmk if you have any questions!

🎤2 months ago

Okat! Thank you so much! I feel a lot better about this now! I honestly forgot that DE classes are a thing, and I think they'd would work really well for me! I don't want to come off as lazy, but I definitely don't want to continue with the amount of stress I have right now! And there are way more DE class options at my school, so I can definitely take classes more selectively geared towards my interests that are still advanced. Thank you so, so much!! It was so helpful!!

2 months ago

You are so welcome! Glad it helped relieve some stress :)


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