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Tips for Time Management

Hello! I have realized that I have struggled with time management since I started high school. Can anyone suggest effective tips for someone who is busy every day?

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2 months ago


I used to have a lot of trouble with being on my phone too much and it affected my schoolwork. I realized I needed to work on my time management skills to do better. I researched many ways, and some worked for me and others didn't. The two most impactful were, to keep a journal (plan important things like a soccer game you have to go to or a practice ALSO big also find time to study- what I mean is set out time in your day to lock in on that work). The second thing was having my phone on DND and setting time limits for my social media apps. After a while I began to not use my phone and shift my energy toward myself and my future. Also, one more thing don't forget to set aside time to relax (just not too much yk), same goes for sleep and eating habits. If those things are performed well, you will perform well.

I hope this helps!! Good luck, you've got this!


2 months ago


Before reading this, please note that I am a homeschool student, so you may need to adjust for your situation.

I struggled with time management, too, but recently attended a webinar that changed everything for me! This is a method was used successfully by Harvard Law students and Patrick Henry College students.

This will sound a little crazy at first, but hang in there 😊 First of all, slot an hour of time for each class you have. If your classes do not take an hour, then use the rest of the hour for homework. If you still have more homework to do, then multiply your grade (mine is 11th) times 10 (110). That is the number of minutes TOTAL you should be spending on homework each day. Say you have 5 classes. You can spend approximately 22 extra minutes on homework for each (not counting any time left from your class’s hour slot).

This sounds impossible, but if you set a timer for yourself, you automatically work smarter and use the time productively. You MUST stick to it and not allow yourself to get distracted by phone notifications or other distractions. Because once you have finished your homework you will have even more time to do other stuff like texting. It can help to use apps that block distractions (example is Focus Me). I don’t use any because I don’t have a phone.

I know, this is wild, but it has been proved successful! Like I said, a Harvard Law student applied this and finished all his homework on campus so that when he went home he could spend time with his wife and child. He had top grades all the while and received several honors/awards. His twin brother applied this at PHC and his wing got the most sleep (7 hours each night) and had the highest GPA of all PHC students! Also, studies show that your productivity goes down after 2 hours so working smarter instead of harder is better academically and mentally.

Basically, setting time limits for yourself helps you optimize your productivity in shorter amounts of time and block distractions.

However, too much is just too much. No matter how well you manage your time, this strategy will NOT fix the problem of having too much on your plate. You may need to consider cutting out some things or even pausing certain things temporarily. Figure out what you should prioritize and be sure to balance school with life. It’s healthy to have time for fun and REST😊

I hope this helps. I have applied this method successfully—I am less distracted and way more productive. I also get around 7 hours of sleep each night and have more time for the things I enjoy! Life is not all about school so balancing it has been very healthy both physically and mentally.

LMK if you have any questions! Hope this gives you some ideas on time management 😊


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