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What are some good activities that will increase my chances of getting into colleges like florida state?

I feel like I have good grades, a good SAT score, and decent activities yet my chances to get into some of my choice colleges are still low. I was wondering what kind of activities can I do to help me boost my chances.

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2 months ago

First, I just want to say that the CollegeVine chancing system is not always accurate. I have had the chancing system tell me that I could not make it into certain schools but then those schools tried to connect with me in various ways.

The big thing all colleges want to see in the application is passion. Is there something that drives you? Is there something you have pursued while still in high school? Passion is seen in your essay, EC's, and sometimes coursework. It's not, "I enjoy this," but "I want to do this the rest of my life and make a unique difference" that stands out to the admission officers.

Being a junior, if you want to raise your SAT score, there's still time. It may not be necessary but if you feel like it may put you at an advantage, then go for it! I wrote a post about how to study and my fave resources for the DSAT here: collegevine.com/c/junior/50784/first-usa-dsat-upcoming-plus-incredible-free-study-resources-i-love

Also, as a junior, you should practice essay writing and begin brainstorming your application essay ideas. Tip: find out the prompt Florida state provides and write down at least 3 essay topic ideas you could use. I wrote a post about writing amazing essays here you may appreciate: collegevine.com/c/junior/49537/make-your-essay-stand-out

Hope this helps! Please lmk if you have any questions :)

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