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How do i describe my courses ?

I'm currently a Canadian student, my school unfortunately doesn't offer any APs, IB or any of the above but we have courses that are labeled as "university". You either choose to take university courses or college courses while in high school but I don't know how I should explain it. Is it also considered APs because it's a university level course ?

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If it's a university level course, it's probably AP level, but I don't think you can consider it an AP because of their specific curriculum requirements and exams. I would perhaps label it as Dual-Enrollment, as those are still college-level courses, but are taught directly through local colleges versus your high school, and lack the stricter AP guidelines. If there's a place in to specify this anywhere on your application, I'd definitely do that! Best of luck!


2 months ago

Maybe they are considered dual enrollment courses if they are college classes? Unfortunately, AP are kind of an official thing and I don't think you can label any course as AP unless it is labeled AP. I am in the US but I am homeschooled and cannot take AP without paying like 700 bucks! But a lot of my curriculum is still advanced so sometimes I can label it as Honors. Recently, however, I started online classes with a local community college. Since they are college classes, it gets labeled as dual enrollment.

You should probably label them as University courses or dual enrollment (the common term in USA). If it is college level, then it is considered DE. They are not the same thing as AP but they are advanced classes so it is important to label them for their higher rigor.

Hope this helps! Please lmk if you have an questions :)


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