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What colleges should I be aiming for?

I plan to major in business or business marketing. However, I am also interested in law or criminal justice if business does not go to plan.

Relevant high school info:

-3.89 GPA

-31 ACT

-Part of National Business Honors Society, Psi Alpha, FBLA, Link Crew Program, Key Club, Speech & Debate, and Treasurer of DECA

-By the end of high school, will have taken 8 APs and 4 Honors classes (Have only taken one AP exam so far and got a 5)

-In the process of creating a business as a part of an experiential learning program

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I think you should make a list of what you're looking for in your college experience. College/University is not only for an academic education but also for an education in experience. For example, my list included things like:

1) smaller school (between 2,000 to 5,000 students)

2) good student/professor relationships

3) Christian-focused

A priority list like this that has 5-10 things will help you narrow down and decide where you want to go. With your grades and courses, you are not going to be applying to college, colleges will be fighting for you, so I hope this helps!


2 months ago


I think I have some ideas! I also ranked them by what might be hardest to get into by most to least. These are also normally more Reach and Target schools, but with the information given I believe you can get in!

University of Pennsylvania - Strong business program (Wharton School) and urban setting.

New York University - Excellent business and law programs in an urban environment.

University of Michigan - Renowned business school (Ross) and law school in a college town.

University of Wisconsin-Madison - Strong business and law programs in a college town.

Indiana University-Bloomington -regarded business (Kelley) and criminal justice programs in a college town.

University of Florida - Solid business and law programs in a college town setting.

Maybe look at some of these. I tried to pick schools that have both a great law and business just in case you change after your first year of the basic classes. Hope this helped!


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