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Competitions on college apps

If I participate in a competition, but don't win any awards or place, is it still valuable to put on my college applications? Also, say I enter in the competition before the time of college apps and the results of the competition don't come out until after apps have to be submitted (like summer), do I still put them on my application?

@Jael_S2382 months ago

This is a really good question; I am wondering the same thing. I have entered many competitions but have not won all of them.

@Jael_S2382 months ago

I would think that if you are in the process of a competition during the application, you should put it on and mark it somewhere as "in progress"

@krizy_212 months ago

How do you participate in competitions in college vine. Is there any?

@Jael_S2382 months ago

No competitions here that I know of :)

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For your first question, I would like to ask: Is this competition part of an activity? For example, Going to a speech and debate tournament and not placing, where the main activity would be speech and debate. In this case, including every competition would be redundant under the EC of speech and debate unless it were at a regional or national level. This moves to my second point: Is this a competition you qualified for? For example, Qualifying for nationals in speech and debate. Even if you didn't place, qualifying displays achievement and should be included. I would say if this competition were meaningful, displayed achievement, or is separate from an existing activity, then it could be a helpful incision into your application. For your second question, refer to my previous answer to decide if it is worth it to put on your application; if it is, this would be my thought: In general, it is still a good idea to include the competition in your college application, even if the results have not yet been released. You can list the competition under your activities or extracurriculars and provide details such as your role or the project you worked on, especially if you've determined it to be a meaningful addition. This showcases your initiative, interest, and involvement in the subject area. When describing the competition, you can mention that the results are yet to come out. This allows you to include the experience without claiming any specific outcome. If you have the opportunity, you can also update the admissions office after the results are released, either through a formal update process or by emailing your admissions counselor.

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