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What do you do If your school Doesn't offer Honours /AP classes

I live in south Africa and am a Dual Athlete in Football /soccer and a 100m sprinter I am nationally recognized in both but at the end of the day I want to Apply to a school Like Stanford and my academics weigh in and I currently go to a prestigious Boys school in South Africa but my school only offers two AP classes and I take one of the two, AP English, and when i put my statistics in the chances simmulator i get like a little over 15% chance to get accepted. So my question is what do I do and does Stanford take my leadership roles, personal projects, and comm service into account

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Yes, Standford University takes all those things into consideration but they are getting applications from students who have started taking APs at least by sophomore year. Unfortunately, I think your chances of getting in top schools like Standford are slim even if you begin taking more advanced classes. One thought I have is that some school applications have a section where you can explain something-maybe you could use that space to politely share your school offered only 2 AP classes. Or, maybe you will be able to transfer into Standford? I'm not sure how Standford does transferring, but normally, the requirements for first-year students are higher than that for transfer students.

I am not sure how it works in South Africa, but here in the US we have community colleges. It is pretty easy to enroll in classes with the local community college- this is called dual enrollment. DE classes are considered advanced, another option besides AP/honors. I cannot take AP so I am taking 2 DE classes rn and will take 8-10 next year.

I hope some of this is helpful and please lmk if you have any questions!


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