a month ago

Senioritis (Junior Year Version)

YALL!! Senioritis is hitting HARD and it’s only junior year. there’s simply no way i’m going to survive next year. is anyone else feeling this?! lmk so i can stop feeling so horribly about being so unmotivated <3

i feel you!
it’s not that bad!
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a month ago

You gotta push though- you can do this! Think about it this way: what you do now affects your future. If you work hard and do your best, you will more likely reach your dreams! Have a bigger goal to motivate you. Sit down and think about why the career you are heading for matters.

Also, developing senioritis in your junior year may be a sign to pay attention to. 1) Have you worked yourself too hard? If you are unmotivated b/c your body and brain is run down, think about what you can do to revive yourself. Relax more this summer? Make time for hobbies just for a few minutes each weekend?

2) It could be signaling boredom. Maybe you are bored with your classes and life in general. Find a way to spice things up a bit. This could mean you add a fun elective class next year or you join a new club. Do something to excite yourself a little and shake up the weary monotony.

This last stretch of the race is super important, so take care of yourself, but know that diligence is still needed.

Hope this helps motivate you :) You got this, Delaney!


a month ago

I'm literally a sophomore and burnout is hitting so hard right now. On the one hand, I realize that it's unsustainable to obsess and worry over every little mistake and work myself so hard, but on the other hand, the complete lack of motivation is equally hard to deal with.

🎤a month ago

i totally understand. sophomore year can be hard, especially when everyone is telling you that junior year is even worse. you got this!

a month ago

thank you so much! i wish you all the best.


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