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HELP! Any last minute tips for a few extra SAT points????

I got a 1380 on my last practice test and it would be great if I could get it to at least a 1400. I'm taking the SAT this week; any last minute tips/tricks to maximize my points even just by a little bit?

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a month ago

I have been watching Strategic Test Prep's Youtube videos. I even bought her workbooks and studied using those for a month. I just took the SAT on Saturday (hoping I did amazing!!!) but i will say that using those workbooks for a month resulted in a 100+ score improvement. Cannot say enough good things about STP. They also have an app (Preptly) which is very sadly not compatible with my device :( but I have heard amazing things about it.

As far as test day, walk in confident. Don't walk in thinking you just want to do your best (though of course you will)--walk in with the mindset of crushing the test. Some tips (most of them are from STP, so check out their videos!):

In English modules, start with #15. These are the easy grammar questions. Do not start with the most difficult problems (they come first unlike the math section). I breezed through the grammar and into the easy-peasy note-taking questions.

For the note-taking questions, do NOT read the notes. Only read the question- it will say exactly what it wants. If it wants you to emphasize the date of something, then find the 1 answer that has the date it in. Very easy.

My biggest math tip is to learn the ins and outs of desmos! It is way better than any calculator you could bring. I watched videos with Method Learning explaining the Desmos and how to use it.

Hope this helps! You got this :)


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