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AP Stats or normal stats?

I'm going to be a senior next year, and my school is moving to Trimesters next year. I'm debating if I should take AP Stats or normal stats. AP Stats is 2 tri's + 1 tri for an AP stats test prep. Normal lever Stats is only one tri. I am signed up for 4 advanced courses, and I don't know what to do.

Also, my school has CIS classes, College in School, which are college-level classes taught by high school teachers. It's similar to AP, but you don't have to take a test and you get the college credit if you get a certain grade.

The classes I'm signed up for next year are:

Composition for College

Communication Studies

CIS Econ (2 tri's)

TA (signed up for 3 tri's, but you can do just one)

CIS Spanish 4 (4 tri's)

CIS Psychology (2 tri's)

CIS Money Management

Media Communications


Advanced course lab (signed up for 2 tri's; a study hall for people taking 2 or more advanced courses, hence the name)

Culinary 3

P.S. I don't need another math credit, I only need 3 years of math, but my counselor recommends me to take a math class to keep the knowledge for college. (lol that rhymes)

P.P.S. I want to major in Psychology

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a month ago

I would say go for AP sats! One of the easiest AP math classes you can take. If it gets too difficult you can just drop down, and it is harder to go from regular stats to an AP stat classroom.

a month ago

Psychology doesn't really involve a lot of math to my knowledge. Tbh I wouldn't take AP stats bc you don't need the credit, and I agree with your counselor about the knowledge part, but I still think you could just take normal stats. It seems like you have a lot of tough classes already so I would just take normal stats and focus more on your other classes :)

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