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Which major/career path would best fit for my interests and potential success? How do I go about finding that out?

I'm a Junior in High school and still don't have strong ideas as to what I want to do/major in. Right now I'm involved in a number of things extracurriculars. I've been in ASB, my school's Student Advocacy Union as a social media/publicity manager. Outside of school I am a writer for a friend's small local newsletter and have written a few articles and manage the Instagram account as well. I'm also in the (very slow) process of writing a children's book with a friend as an illustrator.

I think my profile has a strong theme in writing, journalism, and social media marketing/managing. However, I'm afraid and doubtful of my success in this field. Not only that but I'm in my school's IB HL Bio class and I've noticed myself being very invested in it. But I feel like as a Junior I'm running out of time to be exploring new interests that I may not genuinely see as a career. What should I do? Are there things I can do to assert my interest in a certain field?

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Explore your interests in writing, journalism, and biology through extracurricular activities, internships, and research. Seek guidance from professionals and mentors in these fields to gain insight and advice. Trust in your abilities, stay open to new opportunities, and remember that it's okay to explore different paths before deciding on a career.

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Lots of schools have pre college experiences, maybe find one local to you you typically stay on campus for a week or so and take classes in your intended major. That might help you give an idea but that might be pricey for some people, keep in mind you can always change your major especially within a specific area like under the same category. Maybe look at the job market and pay for those career paths and how that might influence you and what is important after college to you maybe what city you wanna live in or if you wanna be able to do work all off your laptop wherever. You have to think about your degree post college too. Is there one that comes too easier, or you tend to enjoy more or others think you're better at? Lots of questions to ask yourself, hope this helps 😊

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