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College List!! Please Help!!

I'm a junior in high school and I want to pursue anesthesia in hopes of getting my PhD, but I'm not so sure on where to go. I'd preferable like to go to an HBCU ( I'm a black girl ) but I just feel lost, any suggestions? Here's a bit about me as of April 2024...

- 4.4 GPA Weighted

- 3.9 GPA Unweighted

- PSAT October 2022- 1020

- National Honor Society Member- 1 year

-Math Honor Society Member- 1 year

- Student Government Association ( Class of '25 Treasurer)- 2 years

- Leo Club- 2 years

- African American Culture Club- 1 year

- Varsity Cheerleader- 3 years

I still have to take the SAT and AP tests, and I've recently taken the March PSAT ( still waiting for scores )

I've looked into the following schools

Howard University

Hampton University

Auburn University

University of Pittsburg

The Pennsylvania State University

The University of Texas at Austin

Please leave lots of feedback!!!! I need help!!! (Suggest colleges and whether the ones above are reasonable!!)

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Hello, after reviewing your stats, I would recommend putting most of your time into studying for the SAT and AP tests. With your outstanding GPA and high standardized test scores, your application would be competitive among the top universities. I scored 1520, and the resource I found most helpful was Khan Academy's Digital SAT Prep. The course is free, intuitive, and organized by question difficulty. For me, the English section has given me the most problems in the past, particularly on my PSAT, where I scored 700 in reading and 760 in math. My SAT study plan only took about a week, albeit I already had some experience with the digital SAT-type questions. I only focused on the advanced tier questions to mimic test conditions even if, in hindsight, they were a bit more challenging than the actual test. I started with 1 hour of studying five days before the test (taking a unit test in both English and Math) and gradually worked up to 3 - 5 hours of studying the day before (aiming for at least 26/30 on the respective unit tests). This wasn't ideal, so you can spend as much time as you need with each section scaled up to your timeframe before the test. Based on your PSAT scores, I recommend studying 3/5 in math and 2/5 in English (this is very adjustable). Particularly for English, I recommend studying standard English conventions, independent/dependent clauses, and sentence boundaries. Complete as many 30-question unit tests as possible and set a timer to mimic test conditions. I hate taking practice tests, and I found the instant feedback (knowing the correct answer after every question) of the unit tests to help me analyze and fix my mistakes quickly and easily. I don't know if taking more than one SAT is an option for you; if it is, I would recommend it because almost every top university abides by the super-scoring policy (taking the highest section scores from multiple test dates and creating a composite score). Based on your new SAT score ill be able to provide a more accurate collage list for you.

Good Luck,


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Thank you!!


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