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Study plan for 1420+ DSAT score

Hi everyone,

If you have scored above 1420 on the digital SAT (preferably administered this March), how did you study/prep? Is Khan Academy enough?

I studied super hard with some awesome resources and ended up with a 1370. I had been scoring 1420+ on the practice tests and I was super bummed. I don't have to take the test again, but I know I can do better and now I just want to cream Collegeboard :)

Please share your study plans and materials!

PS. If you are just naturally super smart/SAT geeky and scored high without a sweat or study plan, please be honest and admit it :)...and tell me how you got to that place!

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Hi! I got a 1490 and I did a prep course, but I would honestly say that doing the practice tests helped me the most. Khan academy is better than nothing, but the questions there tend to be easier than on the SAT. What I did was take a practice test and then use Khan Academy to target areas I was commonly missing. I did not to the full Khan Academy course, and I don't think it's very necessary to do. Good luck!

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Thanks :)


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This isn't an answer to your question but would you mind telling me what resources you used? I would like to get around the 1350+ range and I didn't quite get where I wanted to on my previous SAT (which was also my first). Any advice and tips/tricks would be much appreciated!

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No problem :) I used Strategic Test Prep's 2 workbooks (they are currently offering the math one free if you sign up for emails, normally $25, but worth much more). They also have an app called Preptly but it's not compatible with my devices :( I set aside at least an hour each day (homeschooled, more flexibility) and practiced. Every couple weeks (or every weekend if SAT is close) take an official practice test to evaluate. Use practice tests 4-6 (they are closer to the current test). Stick to it. Go back and learn from ALL your mistakes. Watch STP's Youtube videos-dozens of time-saving tricks that will literally save you. Make flashcards from the roots/suffixes/prefixes given in the STP English workbook and practice a page worth each day- more efficient than learning 100s of common words. Based on your score report, you can see you skill levels. Particularly practice weaknesses (use STP workbooks and Collegeboard Question bank).

This is a very affordable way to study. STP has tutors and online classes occassionally but they are quite expensive. This is how I studied and got a 1370 without breaking the bank.

Hope this helps you!


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