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HELP!!!! Advice needed ASAP

I've played piano for the past 6+ years now, but I don't play with/for my school (ex. band, orchestra). When I was taking lessons I played at a couple local concerts (audience of about 50+ ish people). How valuable would this be to put as an extracurricular on applications?

Also, I'm struggling to show character and niche interests in my applications/essays. I am a very organized and determined person especially when it comes to school work but I just don't know how to really show that through my school work. I take AP classes and get good grades and have decent/standard extracurriculars, but what else should I do?

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I think you should put piano on the application. You have obviously put time and effort into it.

Gotcha. I have the same problem. "I am a very organized and determined person especially when it comes to school work but I just don't know how to really show that through my school work." I can relate to that VERY much. I am also homeschooled so displaying this is extra tricky.

I recommend sitting down and just brainstorming ideas. SupertutorTV and Strategic Test prep have some Youtube videos on essays that I recommend.

Think about what makes you YOU. Write all ideas down. Remember stories/instances where you learned something or grew. Be honest but not too emotional. I wrote a post about essays last fall and I hope to write a new one very soon. Would you like me to tag you in there so you see it when I post?

If you are a junior, you are getting a GREAT headstart. I am also a junior and I am writing essays like crazy. I am entering a pretty big scholarship which requires tons of essays. My advice is to just start. It's ok if it doesn't feel good or refined...just write out everything you have brainstormed. Then put the draft away for a week or two. Letting it sit will help you get fresh perspective, ideas and be more critical of your work. Since you are starting early, you do have that benefit of time to put it down and forget about it for a little bit.

Are there specific areas/prompts you are struggling with? Feel free to share ideas you have so I can help you choose the best ones.

Just keep writing. Practice answering common essay prompts. Not only is the practice great, but answering deep questions about you and your future is very beneficial to you by offering some clarity.


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