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What to do the day before taking the SAT


I take the SAT tomorrow at school and I have prepared myself but I feel like I haven't prepared myself enough to do well at it. Is there anything I could do last minute the day before to make sure I feel confident in myself?

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I normally don't recommend doing much the day before test day. If you get your brain working too hard, you will not sleep well and you will overthink. However, if you really need to do a little to feel prepared, you can do a few questions on the Question Bank on Collegeboard.

How to prepare: Pick a comfortable outfit and a nutritious breakfast. Do not skip breakfast. You need the energy! Have some snacks and water ready, as well as your student ID, admissions ticket, calculator, PENCILS, and a FULLY CHARGED device. Also, bring your mouse if you have one! It saves you a lot of time. Have everything set out and GO TO BED EARLY. You really need 8-10 hours of sleep. Have multiple alarms set and make sure your parent has their alarms set at the right time so they can drop you off. Have a book ready to read to occupy yourself on the road OR your fave music to chill with. Just stay calm- you are ready and you are totally going to kill this test!

If you get stuck, it's ok. Just move on to another question and then come back. It will save you time. Also, BIG tip is to start with #15 approx. on the English section! Those are the easier grammar questions. It will help your confidence if you start with strengths vs. the difficult vocab words that panic people.

Did you go to the March test? The testing center I went to in March I had also gone to in October, so there were definitely some differences in the way they handle bags, etc. Last fall, they did not allow you to even bring a bag in. Now, you obviously have to bring a bag to protect the device so they have you leave the bag, cell phone, keys, etc. in the hallway and then make sure you bring all your snacks, water, pencils, chargers, device, mouse into the room. You will not be allowed to touch your bag during break.

If you have any specific questions, lmk! Hope your test goes great. You got this, @AmeliaM!


a month ago

I think you should chill and rest the day before SAT and remember to sleep for more than 8 hours so that when you enter the exam hall, you feel fresh and not so sleepy so that you can focus on your exam


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