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anxiety and parental disappointment is hitting me hard-

I'm about to be a junior soon and I've really messed up my sophomore year in 2 of my classes...

how can I pull through and raise my GPA for next year?

I'll be taking 3 AP's, 1 college-level course, and an independent study course {accounting internship}

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Hi there,

I hear you. That's really tough. You can do this! You are not a failure. I wrote a post a little while ago that might be encouraging to you: collegevine.com/questions/49823/to-the-embarrassed-or-guilt-worn-student

First, those high-level classes (AP, college..) can raise your GPA if you do well. If you don't mind sharing your current GPA, this will help me understand your situation. If you messed up in 2 classes, that doesn't finish you. Yes, it may affect how competitive of a college you attend, but if you do not feel like you would do well in a competitive school, then you shouldn't be going to one anyways. You just need to pick yourself back up and do your best from now on. No one can expect more!

I hope my post helps encourage you. You got this. Don't beat yourself up. We all mess up but we can either choose to just sink in it or we can choose to learn from it and make wiser choices next time!

Please reach out with any questions. I am here if you need support!

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thank youuuu- i'll check out your post and reach out!


a month ago

It sounds like you are working really hard to take weighted classes next year, which definitely helps raise your GPA! Just be mindful of burnout... depending on the AP classes you are taking, three can be a lot. Keep that in mind so that you don't take on too much. It sounds like you don't need any more pressure on your back right now.

Summer classes could also be an option for you. At my school, we dual enroll through an online college, so we have the option to take up to 4 dual enrollment classes over the summer. I don't know if your school has a program like that, but that definitely helps with GPA. There are also some colleges that offer classes for college credit over the summer, but the only ones I have heard of are pretty pricey. That is an option though.

You still have two whole years left. That's half of your high school career. You definitely have time to turn your situation around and improve your grades. Don't stress too much. I wish you the best of luck!

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thank you so much!!!


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