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AP tests + June SAT

Hi all!

I'm a junior and taking all IB classes this year, but I am taking AP Psychology and the exam in a few weeks. I haven't started studying yet and cannot find the motivation to, but would be super appreciative if anyone has any resources that could help me cram!

Also, I took my school's SAT in March and I'm thinking about taking my third SAT in June. I'm looking at a lot of top ranked schools and don't know if I need to improve my reading + writing score significantly. I got a 730 for RW on my March SAT, which was way higher than my previous score, but is it too low for top colleges? Also, any SAT vocab or any RW resources would be great!


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I like to use chat gpt to make a study plan by entering something like "AP Psychology exam study plan with resources, time frame 2 weeks" The study plans that I've made from chat gpt have been structured and are easy to edit by adding different things you want included like "30 minute breaks "or something like that


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I highly recommend Strategic Test Prep's Youtube channel! Many time-saving tips that were literally life savers. I used STP workbooks and got TONS of practice with time saving tricks. VERY helpful. I spent at least 1 hour 5 days a week doing practice problems and learning strategies through the workbooks and STP's videos (watched several each week, sometimes many per day). Within my practice tests, I got around a 130 point increase in a month. However, the practice tests were not accurate to the March test, so I only got a 50 point increase in March :( So sad...I'm a little mad about it. They published 5 and 6 (4 was closer to the real thing as well) AFTER the test. Feels like they are trapping students into retaking and paying for another test. Oh well.

Another accurate resource is the Collegeboard student question bank. Look at your score report, pinpoint weakness, and then filter the bank to find similar questions. Practice, practice, practice. Review and redo every mistake. Really learn when to and when not to use Desmos through Youtube videos.

Hope this helps! please lmk if you have any more questions.

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Thanks so much!!

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No problem! Hope you do well.


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