3 months ago

Suggestions on ECs?

I didn't really start thinking about college until this year, so I didn't get involved in big projects. I also didn't think about the importance of getting involved in a bunch of clubs. I guess I'm struggling to figure out what ECs to do because all the people I see who get into selective colleges were able to either make a very successful nonprofit or program in their community. I don't think at this point I would be able to do anything like that. Overall, I'm struggling to find an EC that would make my application look better and that I would be able to achieve before December. Here's some other background on me:

APs at my school weren't offered my freshman year and only 3 were available my sophomore year. I didn't take any my sophomore year so I'm frustrated about that, but I wasn't really interested in those APs and I wasn't thinking about what colleges would want. This year I took 3 APS and 1 that prepped for AP Comp.

Freshmen year: 4 honors

Sophomore year: 4 honors

Junior year: 3 APs, 3 honors, 1 college class, plan on taking honors classes this summer

Senior Year: I plan on loading it up with mostly APs

- large public school in Kansas (1800 kids)

- currently ranked 15/450

- 4.67 Weighted GPA, 4.0 UW

- 35 ACT

- Varsity Softball/Competitive travel team

- Student Council

- Trying to run for NHS president

- Currently in a research program

- like reading and doing art for fun

- Around 130 hours of Volunteering

- Kroger Gold Award for volunteering to help stop food insecurity

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3 months ago

Hey there! Your application already looks amazing, but I totally understand wanting to build up your ECs! I noticed that you love reading and art. I think it would be fun if you organized a book club, drive, or even a program where you teach children to read/read with kids (If you dislike kids, you may be able to organize with a local animal shelter to read to their adoptables if that's more your jam!)! You could also do something similar, but sub out reading for art. If you're interested in teaching art, you could host classes, start a club, make art installations, start a small commission business, etc. You're also a softball player, and hosting private lessons for kids is a great way to share your passion and make a little extra cash - plus, it shows you can run your own business, as small and simple as it may be! I think these may be a little more doable since summer is approaching, where you might have more time, and they seem to align with your interests, which is what's most important! Some of them also benefit the community, which shows leadership, responsability, and general goodness of heart, which colleges like to see! Don't stress too much about doing a ton of activities just because you think it's what colleges want to see - do what makes YOU happy, and what you know you can handle! ECs should be something you love, so make sure to indulge in that aspect - don't stress about them! Best wishes to you! <3

3 months ago

I would recommend looking into doing some sort of summer program or summer passion project, as it would not require you to have started freshman or sophomore year, and shows that you have used you free time wisely.

3 months ago

Find something you are passionate about! Colleges want to see passion in students...it will make you stand out. Don't just join a club or do this EC just to do EC's, instead, participate in ECs you actually care about and have deep interest in.

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