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future teacher with no club opportunities; any advice?

I'm only a sophomore in high school, but I'm really focused on my college career. I know that taking extracurriculars can help with college acceptance, but I don't know what I should take. I want to be a high school English teacher, and I'm hoping that there are extracurricular opportunities that will either help me in my career or just in life. My high school doesn't offer a lot of clubs that aren't sports, and while there is a creative writing club, it isn't very good or significant here. I'm also very introverted, so branching out isn't easy for me. Does anyone know of any inside/outside of school opportunities that I could use to help me with my future, or at least improve a college resume? Thank you!

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2 months ago

Hi Danny! I'm an introvert too but some of my friends helped me to branch out. I've done scholars bowl, StuCo, FCCLA, band, and choir. All these would qualify you for scholarships and be good on a college application. I would recommend finding something that interests you and talking to the coach or advisor. Most clubs are fairly small, my FCCLA group was only 15 people and that was considered big. Creative writing would be very fun and might come in handy when you have to write an essay for a scholarship.


2 months ago

I'm involved in the yearbook and it's in school and out of school type of thing. I enjoy it and it's helped with writing and my photography skills. I also help with leadership and responsible skills, depending on your role, which can lead to scholarships.


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