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Will a C in Ap Physics 1 affect my chances of getting into a school like Emory?

Hey! So I’m currently a Junior and with my last few days of junior year left I’ve been really worried about my final score in Ap Physics. I have all A’s in all my other Ap’s except for that one class and with 5 days left in the year, it’s not at all possible for me to attain the 2 points needed to have at least an 80. Please help!!

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2 months ago

Take whatever I say with a grain of salt as I'm only a freshman but I may be able to help.

I do not know whether it would effect your chances or not but there are some ways you can improve on Physics and show that if you are worried about it.

You could do summer courses or internships with physics departments at local colleges or labs, self-studying what you went over in your year (Look at your past assignments, quizzes, and tests to identify areas where you lost points Khan Academy and Physics Classroom are also a good resources), and you can maybe tutor other students in Physics (This is a great way to show your understanding of Physics as well as showing leadership and community service)

Internships/Summer courses:

You could check with any Universities in your area or research labs and try and get an internship over the summer as well as signing up for summer Physics courses.

There are tons of Universities who are interested in bright students to possibly do these things.


Khan Academy, Physics Classroom, and etc all have extensive knowledge about Physics in online courses. They are very good resources if you are really focused on improving your Physics understanding.


If your school doesn’t do this already try and set up a system where you can help students going through Physics 1. Tutoring is often viewed highly and would be a way to show that you understand much more than what your grade suggests.

All of these options could be used in a "I got this grade but I did x and y to help improve my understanding and show I know more about the subject" type of way

Do some personal research or try and come up with ideas to solve your possible problem as well, just because there are x, y, and z solutions doesn’t mean there aren’t more.

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