2 months ago

Will 2 B's affect my chances in getting into a top school?

Hello everyone!

I'm an upcoming senior however this year I managed to get a B in AP U.S. History and it's been really killing me, I got a B last year in Chemistry Honors and this year I planned to redeem myself by getting all A's (obviously didn't happen) I was wondering if these 2 B's might affect my chances into getting in a top school.

I took a lot of rigorous classes this year and my GPA is a 4.9 weighted, 3.93 unweighted.

I also feel as I did really good on the actual AP exam but I'm still scared nonetheless :'(

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2 months ago

3.93 unweighted is a good GPA, idk what you're stressing about. If you don't have impressive extracurriculars to go with the grades, THEN you should be stressed about getting into a top school. You have the grades to get in, but grades aren't everything. Your essay matters, and so do your extracurriculars. So if you get rejected from a top school, it won't be because of the 2 B's you got this year; it'll be a lack of extracurriculars, your essay, and/or other factors that idk of.

My advice? Make sure your college application is in harmony and sync with everything else. You want it to fit perfectly, kind of like a puzzle. When I say this, I mean, make sure your extracurriculars and essay relate somewhat to the major you're choosing. If you are majoring in writing, make sure your extracurriculars and essay demonstrate that.


I am majoring in Biotechnology and AI, so I am taking CS + Math + Science classes at my local college. I am also going to write about an experience relating to CS and how it has always driven me, somehow. My extracurriculars are STEM-based, and I made sure to stay within the scope of my major. You need to do the same.

Good luck.

2 months ago

Great advice :) I agree with all of that. Grades aren't everything; besides everything @danaycm mentioned, other things that matter are letters of recommendation, test scores, and additional things you may submit (portfolio, video, etc.)

Also, your essay normally should relate to your major based on whatever the prompt is (ANSWER the prompt...ignoring the prompt is an immediate red flag), but sometimes colleges don't ask about your major in the prompt. If they don't, the sky's the limit! Write something unique and memorable; remember, they are writing 1000s of essays and are dying to read something more interesting than a replay of your application (relisting awards and EC's is a big no-no). I have heard admissions counselors share some essays that really stuck with them were about crazy things like collecting high heels or baking a cake (the ingrediants being things about the college that would help this student pursue their dreams) or Santa Claus! I don't know how state schools respond to essays like this...normally they ask why this major or something like that, but top schools seem to like the extraordinary. Write something they won't be able to forget, something they will be thinking about the rest of the day.


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