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Physics Retake

I recently took AP Physics 1 and got a C 2nd semester, however, all my classes aside from that were As. I was wondering if it was worth retaking Physics 2nd semester. Some are saying it's worth it to make yourself look better at the college you choose to go to, while others are saying it's not worth it since I'll be applying this year anyway. Also, should I EA/ED to any schools with a C or stick to RD for all?

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Deciding whether or not to retake Physics depends heavily on your future plans and academic goals. I will help explore various scenarios and offer tailored advice for each.

Physics-related Fields:

If you plan to pursue a career in aerospace engineering or another physics-heavy field, retaking Physics is highly recommended. Physics forms a crucial foundation for these disciplines, and a strong understanding is essential for success.

Pre-med or any other non Physics related track:

For students not interested in Physics, retaking Physics might not be necessary. Instead, focus on excelling in your major-specific courses and consider taking a dual enrollment class related to your chosen field, if available.

Schedule Considerations:

Before making a decision, assess your schedule for next year. If you have space in your schedule and are pursuing a physics-related field, consider dropping electives to accommodate Physics or if your GPA is low after the C. Which most likely is not because of all the other A' you had. You can take this course against as a easy GPA booster, because you have already done it, while you may not have done good this semester, you know at least know something about the curriculum and also it's an AP course so the +7 in the 100 scale or +1.0 on the 5.0 scale.

Retaking Options:

AP Physics C: This option is suitable if you're willing to dedicate significant effort over the summer to catch up on the material covered in the semester you received a C. However, be realistic about your workload capacity.

Retake the 2nd Semester and take AP Physics C (the decision I would do personally): Mechanics: This approach allows you to solidify your understanding of the second semester material and then seamlessly transition to AP Physics C: Mechanics, which is generally considered more manageable than Electricity and Magnetism.

Whether to apply Early Action/Early Decision (EA/ED) or Regular Decision (RD)with a C in Physics depends on your GPA, commitment to improvement, and overall application strength:

If your GPA is significantly impacted by the C, consider RD to allow time for improvement and demonstrate your ability to learn from mistakes. Use the extra considerations section to explain the circumstances surrounding the C and highlight your efforts to address the issue.

If you have a strong overall application and are confident in your ability to explain the C, EA/ED might be a good option. However, ensure your application showcases your strengths and potential, including any improvements made since receiving the C.

Ultimately, the decision is yours. Choose the path that aligns with your goals and allows you to present your best possible application.


Ultimately, the decision to retake Physics rests with you. Consider your future aspirations, academic goals, and schedule constraints.

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