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hi im lost

4.0 uw 4.656 w is my gpa and i have this issue where i dont really know what area i want to go into yet idk either international business or law so my clubs r all over the place and i haven't even done any summer internships or programs yet...ik this is all over the place but i want to focus on business now so im gonna stop doing all the law ecs...and i was wondering if it was bad if i didn't have time to do anything this summer because im traveling for 7 weeks...leaving me only junior to senior year summer to do things like internships. i really wanna do one this summer but i only have 2 weeks so how can i use that time strategically

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a month ago

Wait. I'm confused as well. Is this supposed to be a question of doing internships over the summer, or do you want to narrow down and improve those ECs? Personally, I know more of the latter than the former part I stated, but I do have at least some experience with both. If you could explain it better, I would appreciate it, so I can answer your question.

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a month ago

theyre trying to have an "everything law" related theme for their application since its what they might want to major in. basically asking if its okay to wait the 7 weeks before starting only all law stuff, and how can they use their last 2 weeks of summer to strategically relate it to law stuff

a month ago

Ah okay. In this case, I would personally recommend focusing this year on writing the CommonApp essays during the 7 weeks of summer break. I'm pretty sure they would still have access to the internet. If not, then just pick a topic right now and focus on writing the essay by hand and look over it during the break. As for the last two weeks, I would suggest doing a passion project related to law if possible since there isn't that much time left.

Thanks for the clarification,



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