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Is there any way I can get my GPA up? I'm trying to go from 3.2 to at least a 3.6-3.7

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The best way is if your school offers APs take the easiest ones. This can vary in different schools on what classes to take as I feel like easy APs often depend on the teacher. At my school, your safe GPA booster APs are AP comp sci A or principles, AP psych, any AP history, and AP lang.


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Are you currently in junior year or just finished junior year?

If you just finished junior year, you need a 4.8 GPA in senior year to get to 3.6 GPA. Chances are, if you've been taking 5 classes every year, then you would need 4 APs, and 1 regular at minimum. If you've been taking 10 classes every year, then you would need 8 APs and 2 regular in senior year and receive all As and A+s. This is really difficult to do in my opinion especially because it's really hard to get into the habit of immediately getting top scores if you are an average student.

If you just began your junior year/rising junior, then you need a 4.0 GPA average in junior + senior year to get to 3.6 GPA average. This is much more reasonable if you're taking AP classes. If exactly half your classes are APs and half are regular and are taking the same number of classes you do every year, (or all are honors) by your senior year you should have a 3.6 average if you have half B+ and half A-. This is probably much more reasonable that the former.

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