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GPA uppersfor starting senior

Hi guys,

Im looking to up my GPA... my current GPA overall is 3.46 and my wheighted GPA is 3.89

I will be in my final year of high school (ill be graduating as a junior). I really want to get my GPA up without taking AP classes, because I am going to graduate with an associates degree when i graduate High School. So any tips would be appreciated, thanks! :) <3

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No offense, but based on your information, the highest you can get (all A/A+) is still less than 3.95 final weighted GPA. If you want to boost your GPA, everything you're doing is too rushed and terrible for GPA boosting. If your main goal is to boost your GPA, don't go for associates degree, take as many APs as possible, and don't graduate in junior year. Everything you mentioned is absolutely terrible for GPA boosting and I really wish you would reconsider your approach and not rush everything. Even when looking at cost, getting an associates degree may negatively impact you because some competitions will not allow "college students" (including high school students with an associates degree, dual enrollment is in the gray zone) and you would be considered a transfer student which severely limits the number of scholarships available to you.

Hope this helps,

SilverDragon (11th/rising 12th, Class of 2025, from Japan, good at GPA boosting (2.9 to 3.8 in 2 years))

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thank you!


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