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What should I do to better my chances? (UCs, Stanford, T20s)

Rising senior in California.

Intended Major: Mechanical Engineering or Biomedical Engineering

SAT: 1500 (710 English, 790 Math)

UW/W GPA: 4.0 UW/4.68 W, Valedictorian (small school)

Coursework: 11 AP Classes, 8 Dual Enrollment, 3 Honors Classes (14-15 APs when I graduate)

College List (so far): Stanford, UCLA, UC Berkeley, UCSD, UCSB, UCD, UCI, UCR, Caltech, USC, CMU, Harvey Mudd, Vanderbilt, MIT, some ivies

Might Early Action to Stanford. I am worried because I heard you needed a spike in your application that applies to your major, but my extracurriculars aren't related to engineering. I am planning to host a medical+engineering forum this summer with my non-profit. I am also attending the UC COSMOS summer program this year. As an in-state applicant, what else should I do to better my chances of getting into top UCs or Stanford?

Extracurriculars with minimal descriptions:

1. VP of Non-profit organization: Tutored 30+ different math concepts and ESL to 30+ underserved students (250+ hours), initiated and executed educational camps (art winter camp, stem career exploration camp) that impacted 100+ students

2. Youth Intern at ACLU: Advocated for 600,000+ students on student mental health and arts education rights, helped implement district+state-wide policies and bills

3. UC COSMOS Pre-college program

4. Tutor at Mathnasium

5. Treasurer of NAMI on Campus (Mental Health Club): promoted mental health awareness and reduce stigma with 500+ student participants

6. Founder/Co-President of Korean Culture Club

7. Treasurer+Grade Rep of ASB: calculated and allocated $50k budget

8. Student Leader of College Engineering Career Exploration Summer Days: assisted and led 50+ students in constructing and planning their automaton projects

9. Treasurer of Science Olympiad

10. School Volunteer

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If you don’t get in, no one will.

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haha thanks for saying that. college admissions are so competitive though, so I am still very nervous about the process!


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your profile is absolutely incredible, I think theres already a very high chance of getting in just with this. it may not be specifically engineering ecs, but they are related to stem with all the math and science so i think thats great. anyone can see youre an extremely hardworking student, so I wouldnt worry too much (easier said than done i know) but maybe you could look and see if there any internships avaialable for high school students at places like gulf stream which a lot of engineering majors go into, or maybe you could build something that your community needs?

🎤a month ago

thank you for your advice! I am worried I can't fit any other ecs since I don't have much time as a rising senior. Unfortunately, there isn't a company called Gulf Stream near my area. I will try to think of something over the summer.


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