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Should I take AP exam

My school does not offer that many AP classes they only have AP euro, AP world, AP US, AP lit, AP Spanish and AP bio. I Will not be doing any of them except I’m planning on taking AP lit senior because English is not my strongest subject and I want to take my SAT before, to see if I will be able to do it. As for the question In the title I don’t know if I should self study and take AP chem and AP research. Please tell me if I should and if so give me ressources that I could use to study. And senior year should do AP pre calculus and AP physics??

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You should take the AP exam for AP chem but, when it comes to AP research I can't tell you if you should or not that depends on what you plan to do. The main reason I want you to take the AP chem exam at least is due to the availability of AP courses at your school, most Universities (those who do wholistic reviews) look into how many APs your school provides and with you taking just a few APs with little being provided adds to your college resume. Now for resources to study for these AP exams, I used a mix of Khan Academy, YouTube, and Practice questions given by College Board. College Board has lots of past FRQs you can use to practice, with them also providing keys in addition to their work so you can follow along. Then, of course, Khan Academy is a Great Study material, I use it every time I need to study before an AP exam with 30-45 minutes a day usually being sufficient.

(This is just my experience, how much you study and the amount of each resource you use is up to what seems to work best for you)


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The question I’d like to ask you is what on earth are you taking APs for? For me, I have taken many APs for various reasons such as for admission requirements and APID requirements. It is possible to study many APs in over the summer, but what’s your goal is the main question. AP Precalc is quite useless. If you want to prove yourself in math take AP Calc AB then BC or straight to BC if you’re going to be a senior next year. As of the science ones, just do it if it relates to your major. I personally would not recommend AP research unless you’re trying for the AP award associated with it which also requires AP seminar and/or capstone (I forgot the exact requirements). AP research is quite time consuming.


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