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Ap classes

I haven’t taken any Ap classes but I have took collge class and honors classes and im playing to take the me ap class but is that great for any uc or private

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5 days ago

I advise that you try to take as many AP classes as possible while still balancing out your other classes, extracurriculars, etc, as AP classes show that you are willing to challenge yourself to take harder classes and show college readiness skills, especially if you manage to get good grades in those classes.

However, if you want to get college credits from these classes, then you will need to take the AP test. If you or your family is able to pay for it, or if your school offers financial aid for you, I'd say go for it, especially if an AP class fulfills a requirement for your intended major. On Collegboard's website, you can see which universities will accept what AP classes or specific scores (3-5) and what class that will fulfill, or you can go on a website for a university you're interested in attending and look there instead. Keep in mind that for some programs at universities, they will not accept AP scores towards requirements, so make sure to check that before committing to certain programs or majors at universities. Generally, try to get 4s and 5s on AP tests and submit that on your college application, although there's no harm in submitting 3s if your desired college accepts that, like the UCs do. Try and omit 1s and 2s, however.

At the end of the day, while AP scores and classes may be impressive, they're not the only thing colleges and especially prestigious universities look into, and are a small part of what they look for in students. Your GPA, extracurriculars, community service hours, essays, etc, are more important in college applications, so focus on those more, but still consider taking APs if you believe they will be helpful for college credits or showing that you can handle college classes.

4 days ago

Also, sorry I didn’t respond to the first part of the question as I literally just reread it, but yes, college classes (I’m assuming you meant Dual Enrollment classes) as well as honors looks good on applications, but APs tend to be considered the most difficult classes you can take in high school and would therefore show more rigor and discipline if you got good grades in them.


7 days ago

Hey there! I have taken a couple of AP courses and plan to take more my senior year. I would research which classes the college/university will accept, as some college courses may not be accepted. But I would definitely suggest taking at least 2 AP courses before you graduate.


13 days ago

If you mean the ap economic classes, then yes, they do help in showing that you take rigorous classes

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I didn’t understand what you meant by that

9 days ago

What do you mean by ‘the me ap class’?


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