10 months ago
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Do siblings with overlapping college years count as attending at the same time?

My younger sibling will begin attending college two years after me, meaning there will be two years of overlap. For financial aid, should I list this as another family member attending college at the same time? How will this affect my costs?

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Accepted Answer
9 months ago

You fill in the FAFSA every year. If your sibling is not in college yet, then you shouldn't mention that another family member is attending college at the same time. So, let us just say that you are about to be a college freshman. So, when you fill out your FAFSA, no other member is attending college at the same time. When you are a college junior, your sibling will be a college freshman. When your fill out the FAFSA during your junior year in college, you should then say that another family member is attending college at the same time. Hope this helps!

10 months ago

You file FAFSA every year so until they enter college you don't but when you talk to aid office mention it as it would affect your need. Hope this helps.


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