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Scholarships for internatinal students

Hello, I'm applying to UCLA and I wanted to know if there are any grants or scholarships from big companies for internatinal students, since UC's doesn't give financial aid to internatinal students. Thank you

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9 months ago

Hi! There are alot of scholarships that you can apply to and I suggest to do your research. Some of the search engines that I found really useful include:

1) Scholarship Owl - this website searches and filters scholarships depending on your GPA, the college you are applying to and also the major you want to get in.

2) JLV College Consulting - this is a blog actually but it provides a TON of scholarship information that are grouped into categories for you to apply for.

3) Internationalstudent.com - this website is GOLD! It gives you all the info you need about studying abroad and scholarship opportunities.

4) Goabroad scholarships - a list of scholarships that you can apply to based on where the uni is located

Good luck!

9 months ago[edited]

There are many private scholarships for international students, especially if you are going into a STEM field.

Regeneron STS= scholarship for writing a research paper= 250,000$ for 1st prize!, 150,000$ for 2nd and so on..with top 40 people getting 25,000$ each

NSHSS= an honors society that has many small scholarships(1000- 10,000$ range) but there is very little competition, so high chance of getting it.

RaiseMe.org= organization that gives GUARANTEED scholarships just based on your grades and resume! no essay required!

Bold.org= another organization that gives scholarships based on your resume, but there is lots of competition

I have gotten scholarships through all of the above organizations and so I know for sure that they give scholarships to international students like me.


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