3 years ago
Paying for College

Where to find grants?

Hi, I'm an international student who really desire to study abroad, but i know US colleges or universities are really expensive.Does anyone know where can i find scholarships opportunities or big grants?


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3 years ago


I am also an international student also and recently got a scholarship to a USA college, so the first thing you should do is start searching for schools that are in your best interests but since you are international student financial aid is also a great factor to be considered. if you are a high achieving students you can go big and apply for the ivy schools which are need-blind, or need-aware, you don't need to do much work just file your CSS profile if they accept you( that is the hard part but I am positive they will!) but if you are not confident about your grades you can apply to colleges with cheaper tuitions and then you can figure out your costs by the merit awards, loan and outside scholarships, also you can apply for separate scholarships in the school( talk to the admission counselor) and then you can transfer or stay there.

having a super resume and test score can help boost your chances.

I recommend using the college vine school finder and niche for building your school list.

i hope this answered your question and good luck!

3 years ago

I have had the same problem so I would love to help. It varies from country to country and will you apply for a scholarship for your country of residence?

3 years ago

Hi! There are alot of search engines that provide you with the list of scholarship opportunities and filter out the ones you are eligible for! Here are a few that you can start with:

1) Scholarship Owl - this website searches and filters scholarships depending on your GPA, the college you are applying to and also the major you want to get in.

2) JLV College Consulting - this is a blog actually but it provides a TON of scholarship information that are grouped into categories for you to apply for.

3) Internationalstudent.com - this website is GOLD! It gives you all the info you need about studying abroad and scholarship opportunities.

4) Goabroad scholarships - a list of scholarships that you can apply to based on where the uni is located

Good luck!

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