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Paying for College

Is there any grants or scholarships that are still open to apply to as a senior in high school?

I am going to start my freshman year of college in the fall. I have only received one scholarship (despite applying for over 50). Finding scholarship and grant opportunities has been very difficult because my parents make enough money that makes me ineligible for the pell grant or any scholarships based on financial struggle. I am however taking full responsibility of paying for my college expenses which demonstrates that I need financial assistance. I have very little time left obviously and have no idea what to do at this point. I have contacted the financial aid office at the college I will be attending but I fear there is nothing else that can be done at this point.


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• 7 months ago

As an upcoming first year student, I am also in your position (with few differences ofc) and I have been applying to scholarships throughout the year.

One scholarship search engine I must recommend is “Scholarship Owl” [https://scholarshipowl.com/], which personalizes your needs for the scholarship search so that all responses are relevant, attainable, and suited to your education plans. This search engine covers a diverse range of scholarships such as in amounts ranging from $100 - $100,000; in application context (like essay, drawings, projects, etc.); in applicant eligibility (HS, undergrad, heritage, income, state, etc.); and/or in specific use of that scholarship money (for tuition, room/board, textbooks, technology, etc.). I must also say that this only gives a LIST of deadlines, award money, and the link to the application portal - the responsibility resides with you.

Another trustworthy engine I must mention is “Sholarships.com” [https://www.scholarships.com/], which has the ability to produce other opportunities that may not have be exposed in the previous recommendation’s search. I strongly suggest that you use both for a full exposure to personalized opportunities.

Yet another great opportunity I wish to mention here is “JLV College Counseling” [https://jlvcollegecounseling.com/], which is actually a BLOG, Not a search engine. However, the individual behind the blog is an experienced, 10-year college admissions officer who has PROVIDED scholarships opportunities across the board that typical search engines may have MISSED. This site has a drop down menu for any “type” of scholarship application context you may be looking for - all lists are constantly updated (from what I know).

Hope this provides great insight on scholarship application opportunities. Other credible sources are “Unigo”[https://www.unigo.com/], “Bold” [https://bold.org/], “Fast Web” [https://www.fastweb.com/], and many others.

Here are reviews: [https://thecollegeinvestor.com/34200/best-college-scholarship-search-websites/]

Good luck!!

• 7 months ago

so far my favorite scholarship site is app.goingmerry.com

it's relatively new so the scholarships still exist and majority aren't the junky sweepstakes kind! It advertises itself as a commonapp of scholarships where you create one profile and then submit it with your essay to different scholarships but in reality, a lot of the scholarships on the site need to be applied for on a different page and has the link. Still I think it's cool and does save you time on some of the scholarships. I've found a ton of good ones on there that I plan to apply for.

• 7 months ago

I believe you can look at websites like Fastweb.com or scholarships.com for scholarships. Try searching it up on google "scholarships for high school seniors."


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