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I'm an international student and I want to find scholarships to study in the US but I don't even know where to start. Any ideas on how to go about the issue. I have finished my senior class but our school didn't offer any AP classes or used GP grading. What can I do and where do I start?. I intend on taking the SAT exam though.

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3 years ago

I understand that finding scholarships can be quite overwhelming but it is just the research you do.

Firstly, there are scholarships and financial aid that universities grant you and you just have to apply for it while you are submitting your application to the university. Be aware though that there are two types of universities that offer financial aid:

1) Need-blind universities - These are the universities that give you grants only based on your need for the support and the admission decision chances will NOT decrease if you apply for financial aid in these universities

2) Need-based Universities - These are the universities that will decrease your chances of admission if you apply for aid.

I suggest that you do your research more about this and find out which universities are need-blind or need-based.

Secondly, if you want to apply for a scholarship outside in an organisation - there are alot of search engines that can help you with this. Just search for them. A few search engines that I recommend are:

1) Scholarship Owl - this website searches and filters scholarships depending on your GPA, the college you are applying to and also the major you want to get in.

2) JLV College Consulting - this is a blog actually but it provides a TON of scholarship information that are grouped into categories for you to apply for.

3) Internationalstudent.com - this website is GOLD! It gives you all the info you need about studying abroad and scholarship opportunities.

4) Goabroad scholarships - a list of scholarships that you can apply to based on where the university is located

3 years ago

Hi, thanks for asking your question! Scholarships generally come in two flavors -- institutional (internal) and external scholarships.

Internal scholarships are those granted by universities that you are applying to, and they will be granted based on financial and/or academic merit. For internal financial aid scholarships, there is generally no essay based application. Instead you should look into submitting a CSS profile (https://cssprofile.collegeboard.org) which will help these universities better understand your financial ability to pay for attending the school. For internal merit aid scholarships, typically these are found while applying to the university. You may have to write additional essays (typically the optional essays) or have an extremely strong academic profile to qualify for these.

External scholarships, which you may be referring to in your question, are granted by organizations outside of the university that you are applying to. Typically for US universities, many of these external scholarships are limited to US-residing students. Historically, it is much harder for international students to find these. I would recommend that you look into scholarship databases, which you can find via a quick internet search, and make sure you set the appropriate filters indicating that you are an international student. These databases will quickly search for scholarship applications that you qualify for. You can also look for study grants provided by your country of origin for students who want to study abroad.

I recommend you look into our blog page here for more information on the types of scholarships. And hopefully you can find some scholarships that you qualify for: https://blog.collegevine.com/?s=scholarship

Hope this helps!

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