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I'm a junior in high school with a 3.8 unweighted GPA/4.3 weighted. I've been searching for scholarships that don't have any special requirements (like belonging to a church or having a family member in the military). I've been applying to SO many scholarships since the summer and haven't won a single one. Does anyone have any tips or know any great scholarships that are almost a guarantee to get? I can't afford college on my own.

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7 months ago

Hey! You have a really high gpa (both unweighted and weighted) so I’m sure you can win a scholarship. While it’s not guaranteed, you should apply to scholarships in your local area. Do your school have a tab where they put all their local scholarships? Try asking your counselor, your local library, and look for scholarships in your local women’s club or rotary club or garden club. Trust me, there’s a lot of local scholarships that go unaccounted for because no one knows about it. Good luck!!

7 months ago

Hey, I feel the same way but I would look into internships especially ones that offer money for college. Ask your counselors about opportunities they may have or outlets that can help with college. My school offers certain programs for HS students that can afford college. Lastly, apply for small scholarships because it can add up eventually, one website I use is https://www.scholarships.com/


I would look for scholarships that go based on characteristics that you may have like being left-handed and among other things.


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