7 months ago
Paying for College

Failing Classes Due to COVID-19 and depression (which is also due to COVID-19)

I just want to know how much this slip in my grades will matter for:

- summer internships

- summer jobs

- scholarships

- post-graduation career

Also, how do you explain to potential employers that you wanted to die during your freshman year? That sounds really awkward and doesn't really have any place in a resume or cover letter or job interview, but I think that if there was a subtle way to excuse this GPA drop that would really help me.

Any advice from someone who's been there or has helped a student struggling?

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@benny7 months ago

What grade are you in now?

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College freshman. I still keep up with this account for advice and to help high school students.

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7 months ago

Hope you are well :) I’ve been there I struggle with bi-polar depression along with a rocket relationship with my family because of my sexuality. So It hard for me sometimes too and my grade is a perfect example of how this affects me. Here is how I would explain it. If they ask about your grades, for example, you could say, “I’ve been struggling with my mental health lately and I can t’s affecting my productivity in your class.” Key: Don’t sound like you asking for special treatment. The key thing is just, to be honest, let the person know what you going through. They will comprehend it and understand. A lot of us are going through issues like this, especially now with the covid-19 pandemic going on.

Here is my advice: DO NOT GIVE UP!!!!, Times may be hard now but understand, but you have to see the light at the end of the tunnel. There was once a point in my life where I thought nothing would change for me, that my life would not worth living. But I remember I had people who loved me, and it would hurt them if I did anything bad to myself. Find that someone special in your life whether it be family, friends, or a stuffed animal (etc). And open up to them. Let them know what is going on. I found that sometimes you have to open up and face the issue head-on. Because Life is worth living. So we have to live another day.


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