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Hi, This is my first time asking a question as an international student. I am a finishing sophomore almost starting junior year. I have been searching for scholarships since 9th grade but I still can’t find any till now and I started thinking about it again since I am about starting 11th grade. What can I do personally for scholarships. I have looked everywhere and honestly I don’t know how to look for more. Beginning in 11th grade, I have always been told to practice for SAT since 8th grade and start thinking about colleges, Is there more. I feel like I am missing out on some parts people don’t talk about.

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Hey!! Here are some resources/ search engines for scholarships that have helped me as an international student:

1) Scholarship Owl - this website searches and filters scholarships depending on your GPA, the college you are applying to and also the major you want to get in.

2) JLV College Consulting - this is a blog actually but it provides a TON of scholarship information that are grouped into categories for you to apply for.

3) Internationalstudent.com - this website is GOLD! It gives you all the info you need about studying abroad and scholarship opportunities.

4) Goabroad scholarships - a list of scholarships that you can apply to based on where the uni is located

Good luck!

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