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I'm from New Zealand and would like to apply to good schools in USA but (apart from Ivy's) I haven't found any good schools offering reasonable scholarships for international students. please comment if you know some :)


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8 months ago

There are some universities that offer merit scholarships, but I'm not positive if they're available to international students. Some notable schools with such scholarships include Vanderbilt, Emory, the University of Chicago, and the University of Southern California.

You can also look into universities in New Zealand that offer partnerships with top U.S. universities. Some of these programs will allow you to spend up to two years studying at an American university, so it's definitely something to consider! Best of luck!

7 months ago

Johns Hopkins admits a good percentage of internationals and is one of the most generous schools to give aid to internationals... I didn't get a scholarship there as a US student, but their grants gave me a better deal than any other school I got in.

8 months ago

Try to look up "scholarships for international students at University/College". I know most schools have them. Hollins, Duke, Uchiacgo andnmore are some schools that have partial-to- full ride scholarships for International students.


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