3 years ago
Paying for College

I am a senior and I want to know my options, besides a loan, for how to pay for college

I have applied to a ton of merit scholarships but I haven’t had any luck. Also due to my family’s income, I do not qualify for a bulk of merit scholarships or aid. My family can not pay for me to go to college and I am getting anxious. Anything will help!!

@1and0nly.JaSiree3 years ago

You can apply for grants, which is free money from the state that you don't have to pay back.

@jamescotta year ago

I also don't know where to borrow money anymore! flagle

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3 years ago

I know specifically in Colorado, there are scholarships, like the Boettcher Scholarship, which pay off all student expenses- tuition, food, board, books, etc. This scholarship is open to all seniors in Colorado, and if you do get the scholarship, it can be used for any college in Colorado. I am fairly certain many other states have similar scholarships and programs. There is also Questbridge, which is open to underprivileged and financially struggling students across the nation. Essentially, with Questbridge, you get matched to colleges based off your resume and essays, and how your rank colleges. Not everyone who participates in Questbridge get matched, but the ones who do receive a full ride to the school that they were matched to.

3 years ago

Well, if you don’t want to take a loan, the only options left is to apply to local scholarships or work during the summer to save up. That’s what Im doing right now and it’s working for me. Apply to local scholarships in your cities and surrounding areas. Some cities have women’s club, rotary club, lion club, garden club, and other club scholarships. There’s also a lot of fraternities and sororities scholarships. Local scholarships are your best bet to rack up some cash for your freshman year of college.

2 years ago

Depending on the schools you apply to, they will guarantee free tuition to families making under a specific amount. along with that, schools will offer you some grants/scholarships based on merit. another option is filling out your FAFSA in a couple months that will match you with qualified grants from the federal government based on your family's need (can also use CSS).

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