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Paying for College

Cost of daily life at college

Hi! May someone recommend me a reliable website with a list of how much do I need for daily life at each state so that I can know how much money should I have for college.


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3 years ago[edited]

If you are studying in a city that is a hub for art, culture, and history, good nightlife, and entertainment options, plus loads of green landscapes to enjoy the outdoors when the weather’s nice and sunny, you’ll never be short of things to do.

So, if you are planning to study in this type of city, you should get an idea of the living costs you might incur, which if I might say are definitely lower than the living costs. Today I am going to help you figure out some of the expenses.

Tuition Fees, Travel Cost, Cost of Food, Accommodation Cost.

While looking for accommodation in students should go for purpose-built student accommodations (PBSAs) if they want to save on their living expenses. One advantage of staying in PBSA is that you have utility bills included in the rent and if you share an apartment, you can cut down on your rent and food costs as well.

student accommodation- https://www.universityliving.com

3 years ago

College is certainly one of the biggest moments in life and definitely a step toward the “adulting” of financial responsibility and the moderation of budgeting. Life can become a stress in this regard so here are some helpful resources as examples, tips, etc.:

This source is a very brief overlook at your typical college expenses: ( https://www.collegechoice.net/college-life-3/what-are-the-major-expenses-for-students/ ). This source will give you an idea of what to consider.

Perhaps this source is meant for parents, but it’s a good site advice, what to consider, and potential risks:

( https://college.lovetoknow.com/Amount_of_Spending_Money_a_College_Student_Needs ).

This is an example from a source that depicts the obvious “college costs are expensive” to a real example of an “out-of-state student’s monthly expenses in a typical month.” The key takeaway is that college daily life expense differ from month to month and by college to college. ( https://www.collegecovered.com/paying-for-college/real-college-budget/ ).

In continuation of the previous, another source depicts college expenses as a typical estimation rather than an example. On this source, things are considered like cable/internet, cell, credit card debt, textbook, transport., laundry, meal, car maintenance, insurance (health/car/etc.), personal/hygiene, sports, etc. All of this is a lot to prepare for. Some are listed as fixed expenses and others are variable depending on the person. ( https://www.edmit.me/blog/how-much-does-the-average-college-student-spend-on-living-expenses ).

Sales tax by state: ( https://www.salestaxinstitute.com/resources/rates ).

Finally, this is not exactly what you asked for, buts it’s a reliable source that depicts “the cost of TUITION by state”; however I believe that there can be correlation of living expenses depicted by this. Here is the site: ( https://www.move.org/college-tuition-costs-by-state/ ).

...But, all in all, you really CAN’T make a strong relation between state and college expenses. HOWEVER, you can surmise that college expenses will differ by region and not so much the state—by region I mean like “landscape profiles” such as rural, suburban, and urban. Obviously the larger, more populated the city, the greater the typical expenses for things can be. It is also a strong assumption that “more [money] = better [quality]”, suggesting that the more prestigious the meal-plan, health insurance, phone bill, etc. the better quality. That expense, though a mandatory necessity, has variable costs depending on personal desire. This all suggests that each college is different and planning for attending one should consider things like immediate “landscape profile”, population size, prestige of need, etc.

Hope this all helps!!

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